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Spaced Out

How weighing the pig CAN make it fatter.

I was asked to make a presentation on the topic of Assessment for Learning for our June Inset this past week. This gave me the opportunity to talk about some of the things I’ve been trying in my teaching this year when looking to develop Independent Learners.

The only limitations I had were the requirements that the session only last an hour (with opportunity for questions and that I engaged the audience with some “Active Learning” (because apparently if I just talked I’d be engaging the audience in “passive learning“).

Below are the slides from my inset session.

It’s the holidays now and I’m not feeling inclined to write up what I said into a long blog post…

…at least not yet.
so, click on the cog to access the speaker notes to get an idea of what I actually said.  I’m a fan of Presentation Zen, so the slideshow  is not a slideument.

The green text in the slides is usually a link to more information on the topic.

In the end I’m not sure I really did talk about assessment for learning.

Some more reading:

Retrieval Practice is a way of using spaced retrieval to help secure information in memory.  You can read more about it on the Retrieval Practice Website or on Twitter!

The EEF have done a pilot evaluation of a Spaced Learning scheme and have concluding that it looks promising with the theory supported by neuroscience as well as cognitive psychology.

Links in the Presentation:

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